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I Need Your Help

Posted by MTanimates - February 15th, 2019

So I'm making this post because I need help concerning my YouTube channel (I know it's kinda wrong to talk about YouTube on Newgrounds but just hear me out) I used to be a part of a YouTube Channel called Kittle Skits a long time ago, I created the channel and edited everything but one of my friends who had access to the account decided to Kick Me out after I stopped working on the channel for a while. I don't know why he believed he had the right to do that but anyway. I was frustrated because he shouldn't have control over a channel where I uploaded videos I worked hard on so I told him to take down some of the videos so I could re-upload them to my channel. He privates them instead of removing them and I re-uploaded them to my Channel "MT the Doodle King". At some point he made them all public again which made me mad. I had to trick him into adding me back to the group so I could take down those videos. After that I got kicked out again. I thought that'd be the end of it but it wasn't because he re-uploaded all the videos I had taken down even though I told him I didn't want them on that channel anymore. At this point I had given up on reasoning with the guy so I just re-ported them for copyright. Next thing I know both our channels get taken down. Kittle Skits because it had several copyright strikes, and mine because it was related to Kittle Skits. I really think that's completely unfair and I've been trying to message YouTube to fix it. I've sent several Appeals, Tweets, and Emails, but YouTube just would respond. I need your help getting YouTube's attention to have my channel fixed. Here is a link to a video I made explaining what happened. Please tweet it @TeamYouTube or @YouTube or @YTCreators so they'll notice. Make sure to use the hashtag #SaveMTsChannel. Or if you don't have twitter please share this video with your friends, thank you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xamMGJ2e6q0&t=24s



Comments (2)

How many subs were on both channels?
Were you owed any monetized revenue?

My channel had 400 something subs so to be honest it was was small but it was personal to me. I did get add revenue (4$ so barley anything) Kittle Skits had I think 50 subs so even smaller and about 10 cents.

i'm sorry that this happend to. unfortunally i can't help you with this because besides NG i don't have any social media. i really hope you are able to fix this though if you ever need help or need advice you can always pm and i would be willing to help out but further than that i can't. anyway i hope this gets better for you in the end.

thanks a lot, In the NewGrounds community everyone is so nice. On YouTube everyone is so toxic on the video I made explaining it saying I'm an idiot and stuff. It's super nice people like you still exist on this website. I hope New Grounds never becomes toxic.